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Kiitokset kaikille ystävillemme Suomessa, jotka ovat edesauttaneet paljon tämän sivuston kehittämisessä sekä tunnistamalla monia sivuston kuvista!

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Meidän ryhmän tarkoituksena on opettaa USA:ssa ihmisille talvisodasta, jatkosodasta ja lapin sodasta. Me esiinnymme ja puhumme kouluille ja erilaisille ryhmille. Jäsenemme matkustavat usein Suomeen ja Venäjälle tavatakseen veteraaneja ja käydäkseen museoissa sekä sotapaikoilla.  Me etsimme aina uusia artikkeleita, joita voimme laittaa kotisivullemme ja jotka auttavat selvittämään suomalaisten sotilaiden kokemuksia sodan aikana.

In November of 1939, peace talks between Finland and Russia broke down and Russia invaded Finland with a massive army of almost 1 million soldiers and thousands of tanks and cannons. But, in what was to be the 2nd coldest winter since 1828, the Russian army broke down under the onslaught of cold and the heroic Finnish defenders, who used the terrain and weather to their advantage. The events taking place in this country which straddles the arctic circle would change the political and territorial conditions in Europe for the rest of the century. 

This KevOs4 Finnish re-enactor group is dedicated to studying the history of the Light Infantry Units in battle against the Russian army around Viipuri, in the Karelia Isthmus, during the Winter War and Continuation War. Our efforts are to increase the public awareness of the Finnish struggle for Independence against such formidable odds. It is a truly epic story of heroism and valor.  Many of the Finnish Re-enactors in this group have traveled to Finland and Russia to see the battlefields, meet with veterans of the war,  attend lectures, and tour the war and armor museums in both countries. 

We also dedicate this site to the Finnish people that lived and died during the Winter War, Continuation War, and Lapland War. The sacrifices that were made, both in life and property, speak volumes of the will and bravery of the Finnish people. These heroic acts saved Finland as a nation and set a lofty standard of conduct  for the entire world. The word Sisu means guts and valor and this is a fitting expression for the Finnish people and the soldiers of the Finnish Army.  And we honor the real men and fighters of Kev Os 4 that served and died for Finland from 1939-45.

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Articles on Simo Hayha, Lotta Svard and a Finnish uniforms section by  Miikka Teräs. Go to Special Features.


Special Page on Rank Badges!  by Jarkko Vihavainen - Jaeger Platoon  

In  Memory of a great producer- Ben Strout


Ben created a wonderful documentary on the Finnish Winter War, 1939 to early 1940. He was a great friend to all of us in the history world, and we will miss him greatly.

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German Stug Tank in service as a Finnish Tank during the Continuation War

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Kiitokset kaikille ystävillemme Suomessa, jotka ovat edesauttaneet paljon tämän sivuston kehittämisessä sekä tunnistamalla monia sivuston kuvista!

Thank you to our Friends in Finland who have added so much to this website and identified many of the photos used on these pages!