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Finnish Army WWII Re-enactor Gear and Finnish Militaria For Sale

This page offers all types of Finnish Army helmets, m36 uniforms, Finnish-made reproduction tunics, 

new and old puukko knives, pack gear, and general Finnish Army militaria for sale. 

Plus, you can find great movies like "Ambush", "Winter War",  and "Air War Over Finland"

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Ostetaan!   Mikäli Sinulla on suomalaista materiaalia; uniformuja, kypäriä, kirjeitä, valokuvia, karttoja,

varaosia, kenttäpulloja, pakkeja ja ruokailuvälineitä, päähineitä, vöitä tai muuta suomalaista sotilasmateriaalia myytävänä, toivomme yhteydenottoasi.


Site updated April, 2015

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Important note:  All mailing costs are for Continental U.S.     Contact me  if you are outside the country for specific mailing costs.  I take PayPal, money orders, or personal checks. Will hold checks until they clear.   If using PayPal, please pay  sales@kevos4.com  

For other questions regarding purchases, contact kevos4@yahoo.com  

Item Photo Description Price
Contact me if you want a mix of items and I'll figure your costs and shipping. I don't add a shopping cart to my pages since a lot of the items may be only 1 of a kind and it's not worth the labor to spend hours on the shopping cart. But...I do use PayPal and it is easy to make purchases this way. The books and DVDs do have "Buy it Now" buttons. My email address is KevOs4@yahoo.com .
If you are trying to find the right color of "Finn Green", some of the members have experimented in matching diff. colors. Here is a recipe for Finn Green that we have used on various items and the color match is "spot on".

For one quart of paint, this is the Home Depot recipe for Finn Green as developed by zampilot, and as printed on the label of the can.
B Lamp Black....1.......35........1
I Brown Oxide...0.......14........0
T Medium Yell...1........0.........0
The paint is Evermore EXT Acrylic Latex Satin -- Base2 (HD6912).
All DVDs and the book, Frozen Hell, are 15.00 each, including mailing costs and taxes in the U.S and Canada! Sale applies to stock on hand. Limited supply of each title.
"A Frozen Hell" by William Trotter

This excellent book won awards in Finland and is one of the great books about the Winter War written in English. I highly recommend this book. It is hard to put down once you pick it up!!


Price is 15.00 which INCLUDES packaging and mailing in the U.S. and Canada.   Credit Cards accepted through PayPal. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to use your credit card to make a purchase! To pay by credit card, click the "Buy Now" button on the right.


Only 15.00 until supplies run out.
SUOMEN PUOLESTA translated to English as "THE NORDIC WAR" and offered as a single dvd. Suomen Puolesta or Nordic War DVD THE NORDIC WAR (in Finnish - Suomen Puolesta)
The complete story of 3 wars fought by Finland during WWII. The Winter War, Continuation War and Lapland War as well as coverage of the fate of Finland at the end of the war in the hands of the Allied Control Commission. This 63 Minute DVD is in English with English subtitles during all Finnish War Veteran Interviews.


Only 15.00 until supplies run out.
Pic from www.uta.fi
About "Tuntematon Sotilas" - The Unknown Soldier

(1955) Original Winter War film from Finland.Subtitled in English and a great battle film. If you like equipment, action, and uniforms,you will be very happy. 2 hours, 49 minutes. B&W. DVD. SKU: TUNTDVD

"Based on the Novel, Tuntematon Sotilas [The Unknown Soldier], a prestigious and widely discussed novel by the Finnish writer Väinö Linna, about the story of a machine gun company in the 1941-44 Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet Union."
To see more about the writer and novel, click here: http://www.uta.fi/FAST/FIN/CULT/rp-linna.html

Only 15.00 until supplies run out.

THE WINTER WAR dvd About "The Winter War" movie

Russia attacked Finland in late November 1939. This film tells the story of a Finnish platoon of reservists from the municipality of Kauhava in the province of Pohjanmaa/Ostrobothnia who leave their homes and go to war. The film focuses on the farmer brothers Martti and Paavo Hakala. (description from IMBD.com)
This movie came out in 1990.
AKA: "Talvisota." 125 min. Standard; Soundtrack: Finnish; Subtitles: English. In Finnish with English subtitles.
The Finnish producers, actors, and directors did a fantastic job on this one dont miss it! Subtitled only. - Belle and Blade

Only 15.00 until supplies run out.

Stalingrad DVD (1958) The winter of 1942-3, during the war. Despite heavy losses, Hitlers Wehrmacht troops have conquered Stalingrad. While many of the ordinary soldiers realize that the war is senseless and that there will never be a final victory, the officers try to encourage their men to carry on. Still there is a young lieutenant who in-creasingly distrusts the Nazi ideology. Over and above the great battle scenes, this is the story of a man struggling with the concept of war. This is the film that the modern Stalingrad was based upon and features great equipment and original footage. A not-to-be-missed great film. Highly recommended by the VideoGuru!  Only 8 left in stock - August 2014!
Only 15.00 until supplies run out.

"Ambush" (1998) is a great Finnish WWII film that takes place in the Russian Karelia near the border. A young lieutenant is sent on a recon mission behind enemy lines, leaving his beautiful fiancee behind. After her death by the Russians this young officer becomes a lethal killing machine.  Video DVD ONLY.

Only 15.00 until supplies run out.

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SA stamped Finn wartime binoculars  
These Busch German-made binoculars were used by the Finns during wwII. They are SA stamped. They came to me from Finland in this leather case which was made in the U.S.  I did some research on this company and the case was made with a compass in the top cover. Somewhere in Finland, the compass was removed and a leather patch or ring was inserted in it's place. The optics are clear and the leather case and straps are in good condition.  The armory hangtag is still on the binoculars.
105.00 plus 10.00 mailing in the U.S.

Lotta Svard Items (as a set)    5 Lotta magazines dated 1941 and 1942
1 Lotta Svard picture book from 1939/1940 - well worn around edges
1 WWII Lotta Svard Pin in excellent condition
1 Postwar Lotta service medal
120.00 for the set of items. Includes mailing in the U.S.
2 Wartime rings   1 division ring with green enamel background
1 trench art aluminum ring with Finn swastika engraved on it
contact me for further details - kevos4@yahoo.com
100.00 for the set of 2 rings. Inc. mailing in the U.S.
Finnish black felt-top boots   wartime used. Excellent for your display.  Price dropped to 80.00 - 80.00 plus shipping UPS ground, insured. (about 15.00 in the U.S.)
wartime Finnish boot brushes Finn_DSCF2948.jpg (107480 bytes) Set of 3 wartime Finnish boot brushes 37.00
Finnish Wartime WWII Pilot's Great Coat with insignia on shoulder Finnish Wartime WWII Pilot's Great Coat Finnish Wartime WWII Pilot's Great Coat     Finnish Wartime WWII Pilot's Great Coat

Pilots greatcoat marked INT41. Size 48 (small). Very good condition.  Has original insignia for airforce on the shoulder.  Excellent display item.  The Finnish Lion insignia and the wartime Air Force insignia on the shoulders are worth quite a bit of money by themselves. This is a good deal if you are setting up a display.

Price Dropped

220.00 includes shipping in the U.S.


Repro Finnish Hat Cockades for enlisted men and officers

a_finnfest9.jpg (122084 bytes) These cockades are reproduction but excellent to put on Finnish hats and use for reenacting. The enlisted man's cockade is blue/white plastic.

The officers cockade is metal and plastic and has the gold Finnish Lion.  I just got 5 of these from Finland as of July 1st, 2013. Price includes shipping, tax. paypal fees. These are cool cockades.
Enlisted blue/white 4.00 each mailed

Officers Red with Lion - 17.00 each, mailed in the U.S.

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Wartime Newspapers

(examples shown)

Finn_papers.jpg (120177 bytes) Finnish wartime newspapers from mid 1940. All are complete and good condition.  10 available - all different days.

Also, a very extensive set of wartime magazines from different publishers. Same price. All of these magazines are in very good condition. Contact me for details.

15.00 each mailed

2 for 25.00 mailed

Finnish wartime magazines


  I have dozens of wartime magazines from various Finnish publishers. These magazines have great pictures and stories from the war. I will sell these 1 at a time, or contact me if you are interested and I'll make you a special deal on 5 or more of the magazines. All in very good condition. 8.00 each plus 2.00 mailing in the U.S.
Finnish Wartime Magazines with Mannerheim covers


  I've got a few of the wartime magazines with pictures of Mannerheim on the front cover. These are much harder to find and I only have a few of them. 15.00 each plus 2.00 mailing in the U.S.
Mannerheim commemorative magazine


  I have 1 Finnish magazine that has a "chapter" on the life of Mannerheim and was published in 1951 just after Mannerheim's death. It has various pictures of Mannerheim during his lifetime. Very rare edition, in excellent condition. 50.00 Mailed in the U.S.
Finnish SA compass


Finn_compasses.jpg (138038 bytes) Finnish Army wwII compass with straps. These are the exact SA units used during the war.  Made by Suunto Helsinki. Good condition.   Sold out
Finnish SA holster for Small pistols, including beretta baretta_holster.jpg (69223 bytes) These small holsters are for the Finnish Beretta pistol and are SA stamped. Good condition.

1 available (as of January, 2014) in Raindeer hyde. Very good condition.
Last one on hold for Charles B.
"Wehrmachtin Panssarit Suomessa" wehrmachtin.jpg (25606 bytes) Using a combination of excellent photographs and highly detailed text from German and Finnish sources, this book narrates the complete history of German Panzer and Sturmgeschütz units operating in Finland.

Size: 8.5" x 12"
Pictures: 170 drawings, maps and photos
Pages: 270 pages
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Kari Kuusela
Text and Picture Captions:
Chapters written in Finnish first and then English. All picture captions in both Finnish and English
Publisher: Wiking-Divisioona Oy

53.50 mailed in the U.S. 
SA foot cloths foot_cloth.jpg (69625 bytes) SA stamped foot cloths in New Condition. These were used instead of socks. All have SA stamps on them.  20 pair available. 

Help me! Help me! I have bundles of these things taking up space. I reduced the price to 15.00 / pair mailed. Buy a few sets, use them as socks, Finnish rifle rags, or as polishing cloths for your favorite maxim machine gun. 

15.00 / pair mailed in the U.S.
Sota-ajan panoskotelo

Wartime Finnish marked Ammo pouches


I have only a few of the INT / 28 Reindeer hyde ammo pouches. These are correct for Winter War. All are in good condition.    ALL have wartime stitch repairs.  52.00 mailed in the U.S.
Riihipaita (uustuotantoa, flanellia)

Henley Winter Shirts - repro

Finn_Henley.jpg (71454 bytes) I recently received 12 size LARGE reproduction Finnish Army shirts from our seamstress in Finland. These are the style used during the war. They were made by a Finnish seamstress.  I have sizes 44, 46, and 48 in stock. At least 2 or 3 of each.  Sale on these!

35.00 mailed

Wartime Razor and leather strop.  finn4_DSCF2974.jpg (137466 bytes) Swedish wartime straight razor used in Finland. It has a tiny nick in the blade. Original box for blade.  The leather strop was made in Turku and has original box. The box is falling apart but the strop is in very good condition. These are wartime used  units. 127.00 mailed.
Cigarette Papers (Nazi marked) German_papers.jpg (142588 bytes) German WWII cigarette papers. Wartime, unopened. Each small package has the Nazi Tax Stamp on the back of the package. Each package has 50 papers.  4 available. 11.00 each mailed in the U.S.
Wartime underwear pants Finn_under.jpg (65891 bytes) Original wartime Finnish SA stamped thermals or underwear. Bottoms only.  Size 3 (U.S. Medium).  Unissued condition.   1 available. 25.00 each mailed in the U.S.

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Russian trench shovels - Finn marked 

Finn_shovels.jpg (50513 bytes) Original Russian trench shovels used during the war. All Finnish Army SA marked somewhere on the shovel. These are longer and heavier than the individual e-tools.  All shovels have a hole drilled in the plate for a belt hook or wire hanger.  As of January 23, 2014, I have 2 of these available. There won't be any more of these coming from Finland.  

 54.00 includes mailing in the U.S.


Sota-ajan mallinen kenttätakki m36


Finnish reproduction m36 Winter Tunics


New_wintertunic.jpg (83764 bytes) Last call on the Finnish made reproduction tunics!!! I am clearing these out. Excellent realistic winter tunics made in Finland by a Finnish seamstress. She is now retired and we won't get any more of these!!    

As of January 19, I have 1 available in large   size:  46-48

I have 1 pair of large pants with artillery stripes and 1 pair of large pants with cavalry stripes. Also available are artillery and cavalry marked hats and collar patches. 




80.00 + 9.00 mailing in the U.S. and Canada



This is a great European to U.S. clothing size chart.  Click the link before buying pants/tunics if you don't know the correct size to order.  http://www.us-militarysurplus.com/new_scart/US-MilitarySurplusSizes.asp

Tykistön upseerin pussihousut (sarkaa)

Finnish reproduction artillery officer  pants with red pinstripes on the sides

pants1.jpg (85123 bytes) New repro pants made for KevOs4 by our Finnish seamstress.  Have red pinstripes down side. 2 pair available with large waist sizes.  These have stirrup straps at bottom cuffs.

These have arrived. .Update: I have 2 pair of these in stock as of  January 2014.

Waist size 38-40 and waist size 34-36


I have 1 pair - size large (38-40 waist) with yellow stripes down the sides. (Cavalry)

45.00 mailed in the U.S.

Major Sale on these!!! 

m39 bayonet scabbards ONLY


This is just the scabbard. These are straight out of the armory and have some wear to them, but are in very good condition. If your m39 bayonet needs a new scabbard, or you need a scabbard for a repro unit, these will work great. They are stamped Sk.Y and some of them have a castle stamp on them, some don't.    AS OF September, 2014, I HAVE 1 OF THESE AVAILABLE. It has a stitch repair on the small leather strap that folds over the bayo. This is an armory or field repair. 1 AVAILABLE AT 32.00 EACH, MAILED

Small Childs or perhaps Lotta's puukko

DSCF3883.JPG (174323 bytes) These are cool to find. The paper sheath dates the puukko knife and both pieces are in fair to good condition. Definitely a collector's item since so few of these exist from the late war and early postwar period. I have seen these small knives as part of a Lotta's uniform but it could also be a child's puukko. 35.00

Reproduction Belts

Belts and Buckles now in stock.

picture of belts:



picture of aluminum buckles:

alum_buckle.jpg (114651 bytes)

These are beautiful well-made copies of the Enlisted Men's belts. They are hand-made and one of the nicest repro belts I have ever seen!   They are in small, medium and large sizes.
100mm fits size 34-36 waist - 1 available  (as of September, 2014)
110mm fits size 38-40 waist - 1 available (as of September, 2014)
Aluminum buckles now in stock!!! I just received 50 of these from Finland.  Each buckle is 17.00 each and that price includes the mailing fees and paypal costs.
These can be painted Grey or Black and will look very good with your display or everyday use.

Sale on these as of January 2014


40.00 for belt + aluminum buckle together

These prices include mailing in the U.S!!!

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